About us

Testimonials of Kibernetika’s customers:

“It is always a pleasure to work with Kibernetika. They are experts in PLCs, SCADA, design
and implementation of control systems.”

Dipl. Eng. Andrian Andreev, Chief of C&I Division, Power Station “Pleven”, Pleven, Bulgaria

“Engineers of Kibernetika have a very advanced and broad knowledge on key automation
issues. It is a pleasure to work with such professionals.”

Rob Lyon, General Manager, Lyon McIntyre Ltd., Rotorua, New Zealand

“A distinguishing feature of Kibernetika is the fast response to all customer’s needs and
delivery of working and high quality solutions”

Vihar Simov, Chief Control Engineer, Ttrust Engineering Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria

“Kibernetika is valued by us for their complete services in automation,
reasonable prices and high quality products.”

Yanislav Totev, General Manager of DSV Road – Bulgaria